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DeVaughn  graduated from high school (School of Engineering and Science) with a 3.76 GPA.  DeVaughn was awarded $500.  He was a leader in high school and also on the track team.  He has overcome many obstacles in his life and has a very bright future.  He is currently attending a 4 year university and his goal is to become a civil engineer.  


Brina graduated from High School with a 4.5 GPA and is currently attending a 4 year university.  She was awarded $500.  Brina overcame many obstacles in her young life.  She is a very brilliant and determined young woman.  Her goal is to become a physician. 


Cierra graduated high school with a 3.0 GPA.  She was awarded $250.  She was raised by a single mother and credits both her mother and grandmother as the two most influential people in her life and also for giving her a love of music.  Cierra now attends a 4 year university as a music major. 

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